HIGH FIVE & Quality Programs

We are committed to ensuring the highest quality of service and programming is provided to every child, youth and family we serve.


We are an accredited organization with HIGH FIVE (a quality assurance program implemented by Parks and Recreation Ontario). BGC Kawarthas was one of the first five organizations to become an Accredited HIGH FIVE Organization. 

Why HIGH FIVE Works:
  • Recognized as the quality standard in Canada for children’s sports & recreation
  • Holistic approach
  • Evidence based through years of research
  • Measurable through use of training, scientifically-validated tools and resources
Why HIGH FIVE Matters:
  • Integral to equipping children to excel in life through positive experiences in sport and recreation
  • Increases the chances that children will remain active for life
  • Addresses challenges that society is facing, including children’s mental health and childhood obesity
  • Assists the sport and recreation sectors in understanding the emotional, social and cognitive needs of children
  • Provides parents with a recognizable standard that allows them to feel that their child is in good hands
  • Because quality matters!
HIGH FIVE holds true to the five Principles of Healthy Child Development & the three Design Guidelines.  BGC Kawarthas’ incorporates the Principles and Design Guidelines into our programming!

Our staff team is trained in HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Childhood Development.  The training provides the team with the skills and tools to facilitate high quality programs for children!  

Our supervisor staff team is trained in HIGH FIVE QUEST 2.  This training provides supervisors with the skills to access programs and provide our amazing leader team with valuable feedback to ensure high quality programs are facilitated.

For more information about HIGH FIVE click here!

Staff are trained in HIGH FIVE’s Principles of Healthy Child Development, Core Values and other training to support their work to be positive and impactful roles models.

Show all participants respect, honesty and trust. Use direct eye contact and smile. Speak in a calm and friendly tone of voice. Praise children when they try and when they succeed. Provide programs that are suitable for the individuals age and ability. Encourage participation and input from parents and families. Provide what is needed to make sure your child feels safe, welcome, special…and leaves the program smiling!

The Club uses HIGH FIVE and other quality assurance tools to identify, assess, control risks, and improve program quality. The HIGH FIVE QUEST 2 program assessment tool measures the experience of the child by looking at interactions and program factors which influence development. It has five sections including:

  • Leader to Child Interactions
  • Child to Child Interactions
  • Leader to Leader Interactions
  • Supervision and Safety
  • Program Characteristics & Supports

CCA – Canadian Centre for Accreditation

CCA supports community service agencies to meet new challenges and excel through standards that reflect best practices in operations, programs and services.

Accreditation with CCA positions organizations to keep pace with accountability expectations and lead when it comes to service quality.

CCA assesses areas such as community outreach, service planning, service coordination, client advocacy and group program delivery, and look for a pro-active approach to client safety and management of service-related risks. The standards push organizations to plan their services in response to the needs of the communities and people they serve.

Child Care and Early Years Act

Our licensed Childcare programs are licensed by the Ministry of Education. Programs align with the Child Care and Early Years Act and How Does Learning Happen (Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years). Programs provide a safe, enriching and welcoming environment that promotes learning, health, nutrition, well-being and fosters exploration, play and inquiry and create meaningful engagement opportunities with participants, families, staff and partners.

Strong Kids

The Club strives to everyone experience programs that are safe, unique, and age appropriate. Our team works to ensures participants have a positive experience-and leave the program smiling, build essential life skills, positive outcomes and have opportunities to make and build friendships.

Programs and services are child, youth and family focused and:

  • Support pro-active prevention, early intervention, positive mental health, and seamless supports to the right service at the right time;
  • Support the overall healthy development, safety and well-being of participants;
  • Inclusive, strengths-based, culturally responsive, accessible;
  • Support positive and meaningful interactions;
  • Demonstrate the Clubs’ Core Values, and positive outcomes (Model for Success);
  • Align with best practices and guided by quality assurance.
BGC Canada Operating Standards Review (OSR)

To further our commitment to excellence, as a member of BGC Canada we undergo a National Peer Review to ensure we are achieving the required Operational Standards and meeting Membership Requirements. Peer Review builds capacity across clubs to share experiences, maximize resources and pursue promising practices. BGC Kawarthas was one of the first clubs in Canada to achieve a successful Peer Review.