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Reach Youth Support

Reach Youth Support Program

The Reach Youth Support Program is a Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services funded program offered by BGC Kawarthas. The service is made available at the local schools for children and youth that are experiencing some sort of problem or stress in their lives. The program is structured and activity oriented. It is confidential and provided to youth and their families at no cost.

The Reach Youth Support Program is designed to be a preventative service. The intention is not therapy but rather a less restrictive intervention. The focus of the program is to aid youth in developing skills to deal with day to day life. This is facilitated through the client/worker relationship.

Reach groups take place at designated Trillium Lakelands District Schools, Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic Schools

To request for your child to participate in Reach, please connect with your child's school. For all other questions, please contact: Carly Veitch, 705-324-4493 x 221|

For more information about this program, please contact Carly Veitch at (705) 324-4493 ext. 214, email:

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