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Back to school means back to Clubs 

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Dear Friend,

This is an unprecedented and unexpected time. Our thoughts are with you and your family and we hope that you are safe and well. We are grateful for your steadfast support of the Club. 

Physical distancing measures and isolation have left many children and youth in our country at risk of developing or experiencing worsening mental health problems, including trauma-related stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Reports of positive mental health have dropped by 20% among 15 – 24-year-olds. 68% of young people who previously sought mental health support are now experiencing significant challenges.

As the 8,000 kids and teens we support head back to school this September, your generosity will allow our Clubs to continue providing safe places, programs tailored to community need, and healthy, empowering relationships that will help young people adjust to this new reality.

What Have We Been Doing During COVID?

Since June 2020 we have had children on site at our main facility in Lindsay, with other satellite locations coming online at varying times. Throughout the pandemic we have maximized opportunities to connect to children and youth through the development of virtual programming and outreach, and “take out” nutritional and academic supports, when necessary. Summer 2020 marked a breakthrough period with the resumption of most remaining in-person services, albeit at slightly smaller levels due to co-horting. 

As we approach back to school this fall it is our hope that we can help reach children and youth who have become isolated from their peers, mentors and community during the pandemic, providing them with that safe place to reconnect.

You Can Make a Difference

The BGC Kawarthas Foundation supports the Club with critical subsidies. These subsidies make it possible for every child to access our programs and services regardless of their financial situation.

A recent study at a BGC Club shows that young people who participate in Club programs struggle less with academics and are more engaged in learning. They avoid risky health behaviours. They have less interaction with the justice system. They have better social outcomes.

If you have children who need us, please let us know. If you are, however, in a position to help us continue to deliver on our mission and values, then we would be grateful for your support. Your support will allow us to offer stability and continuity to families now that our doors are open. In fact, we believe, the essential work we do will be even more essential in the days ahead.

You are our stalwart supporters and we thank you for your commitment to the Club. The Club itself needs stability now more than ever. Whether you are able to make an annual gift, or perhaps join our monthly donor program, you will give us confidence that with our doors now open, we can provide services to children and families who may need additional emotional, mental and physical support to transition to the new normal they may face.

Amy Terrill (Executive Director) & Geoff Grier (Foundation Board President)

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