Planned Giving

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Your legacy can
change a child’s future

Planned Giving
Helps Local Kids

You can leave a legacy by giving a gift of money, assets, or property to charity.

You can leave a gift as a bequest through your Will.


Your gift will change the lives of local kids. You or your estate will receive tax benefits.

There are flexible options that ensure your gift will support the Clubs & the Foundation.

If you make a gift through your Will, you retain control of your assets.

How Your Gift
May Be Used

An investment fund is maintained by the Foundation to secure the financial stability of the Clubs.

Capital Improvements Funds help pay for ongoing or new facility requirements.

Funding a program of interest.

Recognition of Donors

Donor’s name added to the permanent “Donor Wall”. Donor acknowledgement in Club newsletters. Other customized recognition.

Donors may remain anonymous if desired.

Planned Giving Creates Tax Incentives

A Gift of Securities

Donate public securities instead of cash to save the tax that would be payable at the time of the sale of the securities.

A Gift of Life Insurance

Name the Foundation as the beneficiary of your insurance policy; purchase an insurance policy in the name of the Foundation; transfer a current insurance policy into the name of the Foundation.

Memorial Gifts

Designate the Foundation as one of the “charities of choice” when making memorial donations in memory of a loved one.

A Gift of Property

Designate in your Will that you make a gift of real estate, jewelry, art work, or equipment.

A Gift of Money

Designate in your Will a gift of a sum of money or a percentage of your estate.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A sum of money is donated to the Foundation which is in turn secured in an investment strategy that provides tax credits and a regular income to the donor for life.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Donate investments or property to the Foundation for an immediate tax credit while the Foundation receives the balance of the trust after your death.

Keep In Touch With Us

We will be pleased to provide additional information and assistance.

Opportunity Changes Everything

Very few times in life can an individual make a real difference to a community- especially a child. Elaine and I have supported the Club since 1997. We ask you to join us, knowing you are investing in a financially disciplined effort that maximizes its dollars to help children. No child is ever turned away because of lack of financial resources. Your support of the Foundation is an investment in your community and its children. We will always support this wonderful place of hope, warmth, possibilty and caring. Children are our future; they are the foundation of tomorrow.

Greg & Elaine Walling

Your Legacy is a Child’s Future

It is the mission of our Foundation to support the aims of the BBGC Kawarthas by acquiring the necessary financial resources to meet local children & youth services needs.

Through the fundraising activities of the Foundation, Club programs are offered with the guarantee that no child will ever be denied access due to financial difficulties. On behalf of the over 4,000 kids who use our programs- thank you for your legacy which will change a child’s future.

Clubs Change Lives

Boys & Girls Clubs are leading providers of after school and critical hours programs that support the healthy physical, educational, emotional and social development of young people. Boys & Girls Clubs help foster confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

Children have access to technology learning. Kids develop healthy living habits. Healthy snacks and meals are provided. Young people are empowered to develop essential leadership and employment skills that will serve them now and in adulthood. Research shows that children who have access to arts programs perform higher academically and are less likely to drop out of school.

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  • We will be pleased to provide additional information and assistance with regards to any of the options for your planned giving to the BGC Kawarthas Foundation by email, telephone or in person at a private meeting to review the opportunities for charitable donations.
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The information here is neither legal nor financial advice and is provided for general information only. It should not be acted or relied upon by anyone without consulting with a professional legal and/or financial advisor. The Foundation is committed to protecting personal information.