Turn on the Taps Splash Pad Campaign

Again, this year, we need your help to power the Splash Pad weekdays for our summer camps and for the broader community on weekends. The sheer joy that we see on children’s faces as they wait gleefully for the water to rain down on them, or as they run through the jets, brings smiles and laughter to parents and our staff as well. And we all need to smile… 

Turning the taps on comes at a cost to our Club. Each hour costs about $60 in water and sewer charges and additional costs. 

Our Splash Pad is an essential part of our summer camp programs and we would like to open to the public on weekends all summer long. It is a vital summer activity for our local community that offers enjoyment to all ages and all abilities. With your help we can provide hundreds of hours of pure fun and huge smiles! 

We need your help to turn on the taps this summer and turn up the smiles!

Let’s wash away some of the negative effects that the pandemic has had on children in our community and help to give them a summer they will want to remember!

Each dollar we raise in June also gives us an opportunity to win a $20,000 investment from Canada Helps Great Canadian Giving Challenge.