I enjoy my time learning to make and produce music. I’ve always had a passion for music, and here I can pursue it by learning to use music programs and to play the guitar.

Donnie F.

I love to be here since they’re my favorite people to enjoy music, arts, food, and to talk to! BGC is my best memorable place. I met the best music teacher in the world here, and he taught me how to play guitar and make music. Thank you, Warren, Mel, Cassie, and all my friends. Love you guys.

Ayu Y.

Skatepark means a lot to me because it helps me maintain a lot of tricks. It helps me get a lot of filming. Lots of nice people here. Lots of different people.

Isaac S.

My Warehouse Story: This year, I did my coop placement here at the warehouse, and from doing so, I was given so many opportunities and helped out with many hands-on projects. From making the What’s Up BGC blanked to helping repaint this dining table and building a new community pantry.

Dakota B.

I love Making new friends with people that work here and come. I came here because being here makes me feel so accepted for who I am, and it is a fun place all around. I enjoy all the options I have to do while I’m here, especially gaming. I would recommend this place to my friends for them to enjoy too. I am looking forward to all the things to come!

Allysa L.

I like the warehouse because of the cool people (especially leaders). I enjoy the fun things happening. The food is also great!

Julia W.