Learn to BIKE


BGC Kawarthas is excited to be collaborating with The BIKE GARAGE to host individual bike lessons at our Outdoor Skateboard park.   We are excited to have Jake from BIKE Garage joining us on- August 8th, August 10th, August 29th, and August 31st to host 30 minute lessons between 10:00am and 2:00pm.  

Jake will provide tailored lessons that match your needs and we are targeting children 4-14 years of age.  Here are the options you can choose from:

Learn to Ride: If you are looking to just start to learn to ride a bike this is the option for you. Jake will work with you to teach balance, move to peddling for the first time with no training wheels!

Beginner Rider:  This is for participants who can ride a bike but want to learn more bike control. We will be teaching them how to properly move the bike around, getting the bike to go where they want it to go, and trying smaller obstacle if they’re ready.

Intermediate Rider: This is for participants who want to learn how to hit the ramps or want to start getting into tricks. Riders will have the chance to learn how to air a quarter pipe, jump out of the bowl, or learn some beginner tricks.

Expert Rider: Finally an expert class for experienced riders that want to learn and or perfect tricks. To participate in this class participants will need to already be comfortable riding around the whole park using all the obstacles, doing tricks, but want to take their riding to the next level.

To register for this program we ask that you please contact our office to tailor your level and time.   Our office can be reached at 705-324-4493 ext. 200