REACH Mental Health

The Reach Support Program is a Ministry of Health funded program offered by BGC Kawarthas. Reach is designed to support children and youth develop coping skills and social-emotional learning. 

Who is Eligible?

The Reach Program provides support to children and youth that need help managing their mental health. The program is structured and activity- oriented. It is confidential and provided to children, youth and their families at no cost.

Format: Small groups (4-6)

Ages: 7-14 (similar ages)

Duration: 1 hr/week, 8 weeks

Referral & Process

Reach is primarily facilitated in school and referrals are most often completed by school staff, although community agencies, parents/guardians and youth can make referrals as well.

Referrals must be submitted with parental/caregiver consent. Children and youth are referred to a specific stream according to their needs.

REACH Referral Form

A REACH Support Worker will contact you to begin the intake process. 


What is the Purpose of REACH?

This program is designed to be a preventative service. The intention is not therapy, but rather an intervention that uses experiential learning. The focus of the program is to aid children and youth in developing skills to deal with day to day life.

Contact Us

Reach Support Worker:
Bailey Bourque
(705) 324-4493 ext. 208



Supported by the
Government of Ontario
Ministry of Health