Leadership Programs

Youth Advisory Council 

Youth Advisory Committee applications ARE OPEN UNTIL NOV 29TH 

The Youth Advisory Council provides youth ages 12- 18 with an opportunity to bring their voice, creativity, lived experience and leadership to BGC Kawarthas and their youth peers. BGC Youth Council will give youth the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, support and help guide youth program development, and bring youth perspectives to community initiatives.

Applications are open November20th – 29th. Successful Candidates will be contacted by December 1st.

The Youth Advisory Council will meet Wednesdays twice a month starting December 13th and December 20th. Starting January meetings will be bi weekly. Youth will receive $10.00 gift card to attend each meeting. 

Leader in Training 2024

Summer 2024 Applications Will Be Open Soon !

Must attend Minimum of 4 Weeks in camp and 4 Training/Teambuilding Sessions all summer.

The Leaders-in-Training (LIT) program provides teens with the opportunity to take part in summer camp in a capacity that shapes them into potential leaders.

The program consists of leadership training, and ‘on the job’ experience in all aspects of summer camp. They will learn what a successful and positive camp leader is and contribute to the day to day camp environment. The LIT program prepares the participants to take leadership roles in and out of camp. Successful L.I. T’s may have the opportunity to apply to work at camp in the future once 16 years of age.

What a typical day as a LIT look like

Over the course of the summer, LIT’s will learn the necessary skills and qualities that will make them successful leaders both in and outside of camp. As the summer progresses their responsibilities will increase until they are fully able to assist the camp leaders in all aspects of camp duties. A successful L.I.T will work towards accomplishing each level of the program and focus on goal setting. The responsibility of each level is listed below:

*L.I. T’s must master and continue to deliver each level as they move on to the next. The levels provide progression, skill building and responsibility.

L.I.T Level 1 – Maintain Responsibility (professionalism, time management, confidentiality, reliability)

– Participate in general camps: Mites, Super and Xtreme

L.I.T Level 2 – Facilitation (Maintain Level 1 reasonability’s, assist in program planning, and facilitation of program)

– Participate in general camps: Mites Super, Xtreme

– Participate in Specialty Camp and Trips