Learn On

Learn On is a BGC Club national educational program supported by RBC Future Launch. Through this program, we will help you discover your interests, shape your career goals, and plan for your future.

Key Components of Raise the Grade:

The Rogers Raising the Grade program strives to get youth engaged in school and help them work towards long-term post-secondary and career goals. Youth in the program are connected with supports such as homework help, mentorship, and workshops.

Youth are partnered up with a mentor who can support and empower them in making positive choices and setting attainable goals. Mentors assist with academics, educational and employment goals and with future life planning.

Youth Engagement
By identifying youth interests and applying those interests to education, youth are more likely to take ownership of personal post-secondary and career planning. Youth engagement includes empowering youth to take charge of their own lives as well participating in leadership among their peers. Youth will have an opportunity to be a part of program planning and facilitation.

Life Skills
Youth are given opportunities to discover their gifts, talents, interests, and the opportunities that exist all around them. The chance to practice and learn life skills will ideally direct youth along a path that leads to future success.

RTG is being offered virtually! Contact Torie to set up a weekly time slot for individual homework help or mentoring!



For more information or to sign up, please contact email  warehouse@bgckawarthas.com or contact the Youth Services Coordinator, Christina Mabee 705-324-4493 ext 233