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Heading into the summer, I had no idea what the BGC programming would be like. My kiddos LOVED every minute of their camps. The staff were professional, kind, and fun. Every evening we would listen to all of the amazing things they got to do- and having them so excited for the next morning was just the best! - Jodie Collins (Summer Camp) Aug 6th, 2021

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"The Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes and Youth Warehouse is where I found my calling to do exactly what God intended me to do on this earth. I can't thank the staff and youth enough for making my years there some of the most meaningful in my entire life.Such potential inside those walls and it was my privilege to go to work everyday.There's no job better in the world than what we do. I've come a far way since I started in 2013 but I'll never forget those roots. I'll never forget where it all started. The reason I'm where I am today is because of all the staff and the work we do there."
- Thomas Niles-Pflanzer (Staff) July 8th, 2020

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"Mia has really enjoyed her week - you have all been fantastic - Mia is a big fan -Please pass on my thanks to Sky and Jordyn as well. From a parent’s perspective the virtual camps have been a fantastic way to keep her safe at home, socially engaged and entertained every day. I have also noticed the degree of time management she has learned - independently setting alarms on her I-pad to ensure she makes it to the sessions on time and I think to preparation for Central next year in terms of needing to understand time management and moving between classes and breaks on time. Invaluable experience is the best way to sum up " - Mia Hoppernath (Virtual Summer Camp) July 20th, 2020

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"2020 has been a struggle for my son. At 5 years old he didn't really know how to comprehend all of the upheaval he experienced at the start of the pandemic. (No routine, cancelled birthday party, cancelled trip, not seeing his friends to name a few) Prior to him being able to attend the program he had began to act out and wasn't sure how to express
his emotions anymore. Having him be able to go to the Club for camp changed all of that. The leaders are amazing and have helped to have my son be himself again. He loves all of the activities especially the Olympics and all of the competition. Even though there is social distancing and mask wearing he feels very comfortable in their care. On the day he is nervous all of the leaders work to reassure him and know what will help him to know that he will have a great day. Apparently there is even a dragon in the basement that he might catch a glimpse of each day. Without this program I'm not sure what our family would have done for care anymore, and I'm pretty sure we would have one very unhappy boy on our hands. You will never know how truly thankful we are for all that the leaders have done to ensure a fun, safe and caring place for our son this summer. I am especially thankful for Nam and all that he has done to help my son come out of his shell. He immediately knew the days he was nervous and found fun ways to make him comfortable with being at the club. Thank you all for all you have done." - Kristy Burt (Inperson Summer Camp) Aug 10th,2020

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"COVID Summer of 2020 has been so different but with virtual camp you guys were able to bring some normalcy and FUN into our lives! Courtny has enjoyed every session and even though we have spotty wifi living in cottage country we've made it work! With social distancing rules in place having a virtual camp has been incredible. As a parent, sending my daughter to camp would just be dropping her off and hearing about her day later....but with this camp I am able to see her interacting and creating here at home with us! It's been a ton of fun! The supplies and support from Boys and Girls club has gone above and beyond. We are so grateful that supplies were provided. The programs were very well organized and planned! The programs are packed full of activities and taught Courtny so much. She gained confidence in art, dance, cooking, critical thinking and so much more! She had so much fun making ooblik with her dad! As scary as Covid is for kids (and families) these camps brought fun and laughs. The instructors were so much fun and incredible at what they do! Thank you so much for an amazing summer! For making the best out of this social distancing situation and inspiring my little one! I seriously can't Thank you enough! All the best! Stay safe and healthy!
Courtny, Fiona and Luke! " - Courtny (Virtual Summer Camp) August 20th, 2020

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"Our boys are thoroughly enjoying the B&G Club Virtual Songwriting program. It is an incredible opportunity for them to explore their love of music and be creative. Warren does an exceptional job at engaging the students and they are learning so much. An incredible opportunity not to be missed!" Jennifer Mabee (Virtual Youth Music Makers) December 7th, 2020

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